Their dated composing options are very difficult since the establish one is simple

The written text active today because of the Pleiadians/Plejarans guides back again to olden days and you may Semjase explained to Billy next concerning the letters: The letters that they use today are only 11 one hundred thousand many years old as well as followed her or him at that time off their forefathers who resided on the planet. It was create at that time by a number of of its boffins on earth exactly who used constellations, visible off World, once the layouts. When, because of this, their composing includes quick circles and traces, up coming these types of circles show famous people plus the small outlines simple associations.

It linked certain constellations and therefore acquired particular models

This writing try shed on the planet just after it actually was passed away to literate Earth anybody because of the the ancestors and you can useful for an effective couples centuries, where it then although not undergone multiple changes.Now, not totally all blog site owned by anyone on earth (for instance the old Hebrews) provides changed and you can unrecognizable made characters hence shadow back into their composing.

Therefore Billy were able to replicate they

Which reason from the Semjase happened at 29 st contact on 17 th off July 1975 on which affair Billy asked the girl to draw it, some thing she voluntarily did.

Due to the fact forever new Pleiadians/Plejarans have been using the brand new quantitative system having amounts 0 so you’re able to 9, as well as used today every-where on the planet. The brand new Pleiadian-Plejaran amounts is actually in a different way molded compared to those utilized now by the bulk in the world, and you may and this originally arose from Indian numerals. This new numerals commonly used today match the ten Arabic numerals of quantitative program, for which it absolutely was the fresh new Arabs whom then followed the brand new numerals regarding Indians, whereupon the newest numerals next originated in the fresh new West Arab Gobar numerals, otherwise dust numerals, from the tenth millennium inside Catalonia and you may is actually lead because of the monk Gerbert (later on pope Silvester II.) on calculation brick inside occident, otherwise West community, which during the time brand new numerals remained used without the latest zero.

This type of West Arab numerals is actually closer to the newest Indian style of than the present day East-Arabian numerals that are still being used. New numerals otherwise digits of Pleiadian/Plejaran quantitative program are offered the following:

The numerals, otherwise count and decimal program, eventually prospects returning to Pleiadian/Plejaran resource, as it is the fresh Pleiadians/Plejarans which at the early moments, because of the technique of effect-telepathic transfer, instructed mathematic talented members of India in this regard, whereupon later on the fresh Arabs benefitted out of this, as this up coming took over the matter program and you can quantitative program. The fresh Indians by themselves composed their mathematical icons; for that reason brand new Pleiadians/Plejaran number don’t are located in impact.

There are no homes vehicles active from the Pleiadians/Plejarans into Everett WA escort twitter Erra, just aerial vehicle exists throughout, which happen to be of various sizes and some other intentions. There are thus no roadways, as mentioned previously about point home-based structures. Amongst the residential property as well as the landing cities for aerial vehicle, along with brand new country, there are just walkways that are entirely used by pedestrians so you’re able to cover quicker otherwise extended distances otherwise choosing a lot of time guides.

These types of pathways are not just used by anybody, and in addition androids, and that by the lay individuals is indistinguishable regarding human beings. Through the country side leads enough time tracks by which none the fresh fauna nor the latest creatures are affected. For everybody people and you may products transportation, in the the main world, suffice only just aerial vehicle or hanging traveling objects, that have multiple more objectives, however, hence just have two additional differences in the outside design, therefore you can find spherical aerial auto otherwise discus molded objects, wherein the new discus aerial vehicles is comparable to the smaller area designs, which happen to be found in all the brands having place travel.

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